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Temp Work Sucks.

Over the past year, we have been collecting stories from workers impacted by our governments' decision to end federal pandemic unemployment benefits during a global pandemic. Hundreds of workers have shared their experiences of hardship and perseverance through but the problems we are dealing with go far beyond our government's decision to end unemployment benefits.

As our people are going back to work, Temporary Work Agencies are known for keeping our workers in the shadows and exploiting them. They have a long history of committing workplace abuses, eliminating full-time jobs for the biggest profits, and shielding employers from violating state laws about fair hiring.

Harris County -- the third largest county in the county -- is the recipient of thousands of workers exploited at the hands of predatory temp agencies.

The City of Houston and the County have active contracts with temporary staffing agencies that employ Houstonians. Despite growing evidence of workers’ rights violations, it does not regulate them, leaving these agencies to operate freely in the shadows.

Houston government agencies must do business with agencies that protect and respect workers’ rights and raise the floor in this rapidly growing sector of temp agencies. It must move to regulate the temporary staffing agency sector to stop: unfair hiring practices, age, gender, and race discrimination, deceiving workers into jobs that do not pay well, do not provide the appropriate training, and stealing their wages.

Please sign this pledge and show your support as our temp workers are fighting to raise worker standards in the temp industry.