Know your rights and learn how to protect yourself as a worker.

The only way to elevate our voice and accelerate our impact is to work together, across race, place and affiliations.

We admire the work of people-led groups and community organizations that have been fighting for specific issues or underrepresented constituencies in our country, so we aim to partner with each of them to support them and amplify our reach. We are a collective that unites every worker in America, labor unions, worker centers, digital networks, and community leaders who believe that the system that failed us needs to be reinvented and reimagined to include us at all levels. Groups and individuals agree that the need for change is not only imminent but also long overdue.

Now is the time to help each other navigate the terror, to take action against every abuse, to not accept any reality that forces us to barely survive, and to demand the protections and dignity each of us deserves.

National Legal Advocacy Network

The National Legal Advocacy Network (NLAN) is dedicated to leveraging legal resources to enhance the capacity and sustainability of the low-wage worker movement through community focused lawyering, worker center support and strategic litigation.

National Employment Law Project

National Employment Law Project (NELP) fights for policies to create good jobs, expand access to work, and strengthen protections and support for low-wage workers and the unemployed.

Immigrant Workers Rights & Covid-19

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Immigrant Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance

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Temp Worker Justice Network

Temp Worker Justice is a nonprofit that supports temporary workers and workers’ organizations seeking justice and fairness in the workplace.

Temp Workers: Know Your Rights

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Temp Workers: Eligibility for Unemployment

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Temporary Work FAQ

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National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is one of the leading organizations in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income. In partner with Immigration Advocates Network, they've worked together to provide a series of resources for immigrants all over this country.

Immigrant Law Center Map

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