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We are not victims. We are survivors of generations of systemic oppression and inequity.

We’re challenging every level of government and the systems that have failed us. We’re demanding access to healthcare, education, safety, housing, and security. We’re fighting to restore our dignity as poor and working-class people.

We are the 99%, and we are more powerful together. is a laboratory for workers to experiment with power-building strategies and win meaningful changes in the 21st century economy. If you’re dealing with a specific issue related to a campaign or you workplace, or just want to talk through an idea with an organizer, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Coworker team below.

Facing a problem in your workplace? Ready to start a campaign on our petition platform? Whether you’re still formulating a campaign, wondering how to take your campaign to the next level, or curious about your rights as a petition creator, they've got resources to help get you covered!

The Food Chain Workers Alliance is an alliance of 32 worker-based organizations organizing in the food economy. They are food workers in the food system, employed on farms, in factories, warehouses, trucks, supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, sell food on the streets and much more. They organize locally, globally and collectively to improve our working conditions and to have a say in our workplaces and in our communities.  

Workers in the food industry and other industries across the world are organizing for these changes in response to the COVID-19 crisis and winning! Workers are organizing petitions, walk-outs, sick outs, workplace shutdowns, and new unions. We believe that worker based organizing can build the power we need today and the power we need for the longer struggle for economic and social justice for all workers.

Are you a worker in the food economy currently organizing your workplace? trying to talk to your employer? thinking about organizing? Are you in need of support or solidarity?

If you are currently a Communications Workers of America (CWA) member or a worker in a CWA-represented workplace, check out this page for resources and information: Communications Workers of America.

Everyone else, read on about your right to engage in protected concerted activities: For most private-sector employees covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), this federal law protects you and your co-workers when you take group action (which means two or more people) to address urgent health and safety concerns with your employer.

Co-workers taking action together to address workplace issues is considered to be “Protected Concerted Activity” under federal law. Protected concerted activity means that your employer cannot lawfully retaliate against you and your co-workers for taking action together to stay safe at work. To learn more or to see if these federal protections apply to your workplace, check out these resources:

Fill out the form below if you are concerned about working during this Coronavirus Pandemic — CWA will have an organizer contact you ASAP to learn about what is happening at your workplace, and to offer advice.