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Temp Worker Campaign

As our people are going back to work, Temporary Work Agencies are known for keeping our workers in the shadows and exploiting them. They have a long history of committing workplace abuses, eliminating full-time jobs for the biggest profits, and shielding employers from violating state laws about fair hiring.

Please sign this pledge and show your support as our temp workers are fighting to raise worker standards in the temp industry.

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Sign our petition if you believe in Homes for All!

The Arizona government has failed to plan and act on housing for decades – and now it is everyday Arizonans that are suffering because of it. Sign our petition if you believe in Homes for All!

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Know someone unemployed by COVID-19?

Share the UWU Survey with everyone you know and help by surveying your friends and family members! Joblessness may not be a long-term identity for people, but for millions of people who have lost their livelihoods in such an abrupt time, this moment has generated a set of shared experiences during the crisis that forms the necessary connection for shared political action.

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